Privacy Policy

This site does not use cookies by itself, and it tries its best not to track any users that come across.

Platform Services and Hosting


The only cookies active on this website are those default by Netflify (which host and deploy this site). Please read their privacy policy for more details. Unfortunately, Netlify does use trackers and at least one cookie, so consider using something like uBlock Origin or Privacy Badger for your browser.

GoatCounter Analytics

This website does not rely on Google Analytics or Disqus. It does use GoatCounter, a privacy-friendly service which does not collect personal information from the users.

29-01-2022 update

Goatcounter by default tracked Referer header and campaign parameters, User-Agent (to get the browser and system name and version), Screen size, Country, Region, and Language. I didn’t noticed at the beginning, but these tracking are now disabled. The only tracker active is the SESSION one, which just serve to avoid counting refreshes as different visits.

01-02-2023 update

Goatcounter analytics have been disabled completely.

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