Andrea Titolo

Andrea Titolo

Research Fellow

Turin University


I am a researcher at Turin University (South Western Asia Archaeology). My research interests include Settlement Pattern Analysis, Remote Sensing, GIS, and mapping.

During my Ph.D. I analysed Iron Age settlement patterns along the Euphrates river in ancient Mesopotamia. I used a landscape archaeology approach, also integrating geomorphology, remote sensing, quantitative and spatial analyses.


  • Spatial Analysis
  • Remote Sensing
  • GIS
  • Mapping


  • PhD in Near Eastern Archaeology, 2019

    Sapienza University of Rome

  • MA in Near Eastern Archaeology, 2016

    Sapienza University of Rome

  • BA in Archaeology, 2014

    Sapienza University of Rome



QGIS User - GIS mapping, satellite data manipulation and spatial analysis

Remote Sensing

Remote Sensing for Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Investigation


R User - Spatial and Quantitative data analysis applied to Archaeology


Research Fellow
Feb 2023 – Present Turin, Italy

Research Fellow: Governance Policies and Political Landscapes in the Southern Levant during the Neo-Assyrian Empire. Part of the project The Empire Strikes Back: The Geography of Governance Strategies in the Assyrian Empire

Responsibilities include:

  • Archaeological Landscape Analysis
  • Quantitative and Spatial Analysis
  • GIS and Spatial Database Management
Research Fellow
Jul 2020 – Jan 2023 Rome, Italy

Member of the project: Fluid Crescent. Tra paludi e oasi: gestione, morfologia e ricognizione dei paesaggi acquatici in Siria e Iraq.
Responsibilities include:

  • Remote Sensing Analysis
  • Archaeological Landscape Analysis
  • GIS
Nov 2016 – Nov 2019 Rome, Italy
PhD Thesis - Beyond the River. Settlement Patterns and Models of Occupation along the Euphrates in Syria and Iraq during the Iron Age.


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(2020). Assyrian imperial frontiers during the first millennium BC - the case of the Iraqi Middle Euphrates. ‘‘Imperial Connections. Interactions and Expansion from Assyria to the Roman Period. Volume 2. Proceedings of the 5th “Broadening Horizons” Conference (Udine 5-8 June 2017)'’, Trieste, EUT Edizioni Università di Trieste, 2020, pp. 203-215..

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(2020). Tools and objects from Tell Zurghul excavations (2015-2017). Nadali, D., Polcaro, A. The Italian archaeological excavations at Tell Zurghul, Ancient Nigin, Iraq. Final report of the season 2015-2017.

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